I See A Face. Do You See A Face.

Flaka Haliti


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Städtische Berufsfachschule für Kinderpflege, Ruppertstraße 1-5, 80337 München

Skulptur aus beschichtetem Stahl

Architecture: Fritsch + Tschaidse Architekten, München

Landscape architecture: ver.de landschaftsarchitektur, Freising

Photos: Wilfried Petzi, Flaka Haliti

Text: Bernhart Schwenk

Flaka Haliti:

I See A Face. Do You See A Face, 2020
Coated steel, height: 15.3 m, width: 11.3 m, depth: 9.2 m
Architects/producers: Studio Nitsche, Munich
Steel construction: Hahner Technik, Petersberg
Engineering: Klaus Stocker, Teisendorf

“Can you see the face in the clouds?” Most of us have probably asked this question at least once, especially as children, while watching spectacular, towering cumulus clouds in the blue sky with someone else. Indeed, the constantly changing shapes of these clouds invites us to recognize forms that do not readily appear identical to different people. The artist Flaka Haliti used the fantasy-inspiring cumulus clouds as the initial motif for her unusual, delicate, fifteen-meter-high metal sculpture for the public plaza of a school and cultural center. Like a scribbled line, this sculpture seems to “draw” a head in the space, rising vertically from the ground and curving higher up so that its “face” is best seen by standing beneath it and looking up. It is particularly impressive the way that the silhouette stands out against a clear or slightly cloudy sky, for it is then that the changing appearance of the sky is incorporated into the work of art itself; nature becomes an equal component of the relationship between the objet d’art and those contemplating it. At the same time, the sculpture’s title combines a statement and a question directed toward an imaginary counterpart, thus consciously allowing different perspectives of the work. Hence, it can be regarded as an invitation to move around the plaza, while also referring to the shared public space. Especially in front of the Kompetenzzentrum für Erziehungsberufe (Skill center for professional educators), a place for certified education, the creative and social aspects emphasize the value of individual and subjective points of view that stimulate exchange and can be shared.

I See A Face. Do You See A Face.
I See A Face. Do You See A Face.