The Munich Art Commission

The Commission for Architectural and Public Art, whose members are each appointed to terms of six years by the city council, advises the city council and administration on the art that will accompany municipal construction projects, such as municipal high rises, subway stations, the redesign of streets, squares, and parks, and sometimes even the city’s wastewater works. Recommendations for many construction ventures are made during the period of a single term. Two of the commission’s delegates are responsible for evaluating external propositions for temporary displays of public art. Dr. Berhart Schwenk is the current chair of this commission.

In addition to members of the city council from all of the political parties, the chairpersons of the respective district committees, the architects involved in the design, and an independent architect, the majority of the honorary commission’s members are art experts.

The commission is overseen by the Municipal Building Department, which is responsible for carrying out municipal construction projects.


Sibylle Stöhr
Thomas Schmid
Julia Schönfeld-Knor
Tobias Ruff
Fritz Roth
Marie Burneleit
Nimet Gökmenoğlu (attending deputy)
Hans-Peter Mehling (attending deputy)
Dr. Julia Schmitt-Thiel (attending deputy)

Art Experts

Dr. Katharina Blaas-Pratscher
Prof. Tamara Grcic
Dr. Ulrike Groos
Florian Holzherr
Prof. Julienne Lorz
Prof. Marcel Odenbach
Prof. Dr. Bernhart Schwenk (chair)
Prof. Pia Stadtbäumer
Christoph Steinbrener
Prof. Ingo Vetter

Independent Architects and Landscape Architects

Peter Kühn
Prof. Ruth Berktold (attending deputy)