Der CMYK-Farbraum

Sinta Werner


auf Anfrage zugänglich

Neubau Schulkomplex, Meindlstraße 8, 81373 München

Boden und Wände mit farbiger Beschichtung, Verbundssicherheitsglas mit farbigen Folien, farbige Decke mit Einbauleuchten

Color-coated floor and walls
Laminated safety glass with color foil
Colored ceiling with recessed lighting

Architecture: Krug Grossmann Architekten, München

Landscape architecture: Realgrün Landschaftsarchitekten, München

Photos: Sorin Morar

Text: Cornelia Gockel

Visitors are met with orange and red tones that change from blue and green to purple and pink. The artist Sinta Werner has demonstrated how to transform the entrance of a building into an esthetic sensory experience. She has designed the vestibule of the newly constructed school complex on Meindlstrasse as an accessible CMYK color space. “CMYK” is the abbreviation for the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and “key,” or black, which form the basis for the modern four-color print. Color models are of major importance to the teaching of art and design, as well as in many branches of science. Through the CMYK color space, Werner has not only created an esthetically persuasive piece that appeals to schoolchildren of various ages but also calls attention to the school as a place for learning.

To shape the color fields, she oriented her work on the patterns created by the building’s architectural textures, incorporating the walls, glass doors, ceiling, and even the floors into her design. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the changing cast of light creates new, visual impressions again and again. About her intention, Werner says: “The installation is planned to be like a color shower, where you can refresh yourself and recharge your energy; it’s a place that stimulates visual perception and thus heightens attention.” The CMYK color space is Sinta Werner’s first art in architecture project. Here, the artist, who has previously created many site-specific installations that exist at the crossroads of image, object, and architecture, has impressively proved that she knows a great deal about the impact of spaces.

Der CMYK-Farbraum