Das rote Band

Marijanca Ambos


öffentlich zugänglich

Haus für Kinder und KiTZ, Am Hartmannshofer Bächl 46 + 48, 80997 München

farbige Bodenlinie auf Asphalt, 6 Plastiken aus gefärbtem Beton

Architecture: h4a Gessert + Randecker Generalplaner, München

Photos: Christoph Mukherjee

Text: Roberta De Righi

Das rote Band

This red thread winds in wild, serpentine curves and disappears below ground for a while, but is never lost: The Red Ribbon, Marijanca Ambos’s work of art outside the Haus für Kinder, on Am Hartmannshofer Bächl in Allach, curls in countless loops from one entrance of the freestanding building to the other. Some of it is painted onto the asphalt in the area around the sidewalk, and in other places it becomes three-dimensional, rising out of the ground like a low bench or a narrow little wall. The sculptural elements of this red, 35-centimeter-wide band are made of colored concrete with fiberglass reinforcement.

Yet, even when the ribbon seems to vanish below the meadow at the edge of the path, it reappears within view and continues onward, spiraling from door to door. It serves as both a landmark and a kind of boundary, loosely delimiting the surrounding open spaces. As the abstract ribbon traces its enigmatic loops, it conveys a clear message: it wants to be played with. On the one hand, it invites you to follow the wonderful course of its path. On the other, the five- to sixty-centimeter-high sculptural elements offer places to sit, while also serving as balance beams and even a parkour for jumping—at least, for the more advanced. In addition, the red band around the building is an unmistakable colorful accent that playfully establishes identity and at the same time emphasizes the cohesion at the Haus für Kinder.

Das rote Band