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Kinderkrippe Kazmaierstraße 25, 80339 München

Aluminium-Platten, einbrennlackiert, Konfetti-Kostüme aus Wachstuch

Architecture: Ebe | Ausfelder | Partner Architekten + Stadtplaner

Photos: Henning Koepke

Text: Matthias Supé


If you look very carefully at the colorful confetti swirling across the façade, then you’ll notice something special: it protrudes a little bit beyond the edge of the roof, as if it were trying to leave the building and rise up into the sky—unhindered, free, and nudged into new paths by coincidence. Here, the content and charm of Juliane Stiegele’s work Confetti becomes clear in an exemplary way.

The artist advocates for cheerful exuberance, pleasure in disorder, and, above all, allowing for the unpredictable. All of these are the prerequisites for the emergence of creativity, which is of central importance to the artist in her socio-politically motivated work. In its symbolism, the colorful enamel confetti made of aluminum is aptly chosen; it’s a plea for unbridled inventiveness and playful daring, rather than dull convention and stagnation.

The artist purposefully addresses this invitation to the daycare center itself, as an unobtrusive appeal to encourage the creative spirit of the center’s young clientele. For the children, a kind of wearable confetti costume was made out of oilcloth, creating a sense of identity, and bringing joy — a tangible addition to the installation in the stairwell and on the building’s façade. A cube with clear lines, the building is commented on and enriched by a total of fifty colorful discs, not all equally round, but partially embossed or even crescent-shaped — just like their congenial, anarchic paper role models.