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Grund- und Mittelschule an der Führichstraße 53, 81671 München

Skulptur, Bronze, lackiert

Architecture: Speen Architekten, München

Landscape architecture: Terra.Nova Landschaftsarchitektur, München

Photos: Georg Zey

Text: Bernhart Schwenk

Gulliver’s Travels to the land of the giants. Learning in order to grow. Making large strides in the world. Children and adults may make these and similar associations as soon as they spot the slim, twelve-meter-high, towering figure. It almost seems as if it were stepping out of the courtyard connecting the elementary school with its new addition into the street. The stride of the figure’s long, gigantic legs in bright blue trousers is nearly eight meters, making it seem as if the dark latticed fence that screens the school from the outside world is not much of a barrier and could be easily surmounted. And at around two meters in length, the figure’s orange, yellow, and red shoes are so large that you could sit on them. With its nearly endless legs and comparably tiny torso, the figure might remind schoolchildren of an oversized Playmobil figure or the young heroes and heroines of a fantasy comic book. In any case, with its friendly color aesthetics of the nineteen-seventies, the super-kid gives the impression that it is endowed with positive powers and that his super-human abilities and great willpower serve good purposes. As a representative of the whole student body, the figure finds itself on a path full of elan and self-confidence. The sculpture’s optimistic title also encourages people to actively set out to achieve new goals, to reach unimaginable heights—but without being too stuck up about it.